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This album is my longest, and took the longest, out of any album I've done so far. I really spent a lot of time on this one, taking many different themes and styles and putting them all together. On this album you will hear my voice, my wonderful girlfriend's voice, guitar, double bass, MC-505 groovebox, a casio keyboard, bass guitar, and drums.


released September 3, 2011

Me, and the lovely Janice Day for the narration on "Retrospective Anomaly"



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Hazy Indiana

I've lived for a relatively short amount of time...during that time I've experimented with lots of music, I've written a lot and gone on various websites under a variety of names. Now I am Hazy, and I've been Hazy longer than I've been anything else as far as music goes.

My songs mostly reflect weather, atmospheres, or personal nostalgia. Some make no sense at all (especially my earlier ones)
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Track Name: Cloud Cake
the lightning illuminates your eye
electric lanturns floating by
this artificial looking sky
the cloud cake cutting slices

now hold
now hold on
now hold
now hold on
now hold
now hold on tight,

my breath fogged up the thick window
while staring inside from the dome
while water tosses to and fro
and ships sail into caves below
i might wave goodbye or hello
i'm not quite sure where i will go
but one thing is for sure, i know
for clarity you have to pay the prices

now hold
now hold on
now hold
now hold on
now hold
now hold on tight,
Track Name: Eyes Lit
so i
sink back in the conifer bog
grow like moss on a fern in the fog

so i
turn over on the side of the road
fried like an egg and slick like a stone

so i
give up in the circles of light
i shine through the snow refracted in the night

so i
i sleep in the nostalgia train car
travelling through night towns to memories far
Track Name: Distance
when you know it can't be broken
is when the simple things are done
now i know the sky has spoken
and is blinding everyone

i see thunder in the distance
it will rust the iron ground
a quiet nourishing persistance
feeds the ashes all around

oh, the air is green
the clouds are blue
filled to burst on me and you
hanging low above the ground
feeds the ashes all around
Track Name: Faucet-water Funk
Stomach condition, a foul taste
Wandering aimlessly in the place
The hell of the morning, the taste of afternoon
in oblivion when dinner is soon.
Take my worries, play them back
sick maroon mornings, i'm too relaxed.
My hair is wet, my head is heavy
from the water from the sink.
Track Name: Crumbling Down
just like a paper mansion
i see you crumble at a touch
you break the ties and cut the tension
by using missiles as a crutch

Well now
you're crumbling down
under the weight of your effigy

your facade is broken open
the iron front is rusted through
the weight releases like an ocean
filling every nook of you

well now
you're crumbling down
under the weight of your effigy

you're crumbling down
Track Name: The Fuzz
I can taste the basin
sinking in my gut
magnetized and eerie
pulling my eyes shut
special circumstances
8 hours ain't enough
i'm taking second glances
from out behind my stuff

Slow blue
Slow blue
Why me
Why you
Track Name: Retrospective Anomaly
Metal indifferent machines
Cross over coldhearted bridges and roads paved over
What used to mean everything to us.
Through the fluorescent lights shown at night; they exist to illuminate the machines
I can sometimes see industrialism melting away
And giving way to past times
Where the sky was blue; as was the oceans
And the machines did not exist.
Those was the times when we were most pure, I think
The times when we all had clear thoughts, open minds.
You might disagree; tell me that the rational minds of today
Are better equipped than the open minds of yesterday.
But, to me, as I watch those fluorescent lights, my open mind tells me
Your rational mind is insane.
Track Name: Dr. No
i will go
in my place
inside the snow

my queue
i will go
follow you
follow you

i'll follow
trails of smoke
behind the damage
i won't go

your hands
paint the sky
no one can
they don't try