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Travelling down the highway at night, soaking in the light from near up and the horizon. Travelling in the train to New York in the middle of the night. Falling into the haze. Living in winter whether it comes or not.

Guitar, various flutes, bass, voice, cajon, drumset, MC-505 Groovebox and MicroSampler.


released April 8, 2012




Hazy Indiana

I've lived for a relatively short amount of time...during that time I've experimented with lots of music, I've written a lot and gone on various websites under a variety of names. Now I am Hazy, and I've been Hazy longer than I've been anything else as far as music goes.

My songs mostly reflect weather, atmospheres, or personal nostalgia. Some make no sense at all (especially my earlier ones)
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Track Name: Exit1
I could exist in perfect vague
Track Name: The Hook
You get back at demise
the element of surprise
tell me with what percieves the eyes?
Anything of sizable size?

if you were on the hook would you follow what the fisher said?
If you knew about the bait tell me why would you choose to be dead?
For the sake of self fulfillment and no longer lacking will
to better yourself in your mind if your mind is in the mind of others.
You still choose to view that vessel.
Yet ironically so stressful as your fully invited guests will
make their visit incomprehensible from
the rest of your mind.
Track Name: Everything A.M.
I'm riding in a train sleeper missing her so dearly
discovering lighting schemes and folding out a hidden chessboard
her face keeps on appearing in my mind and i check my mobile device to look at the time.

It's 2:30 in the morning and my camera can't film
I turn on a couple tunes to help the atmosphere sink in
in sync in the vague town passing by
On the street with holiday lights helping me ease my mind

My compartment sliding through space time
dead trees and radio towers mask the night sky
with the green orange haze of electric lights
bright as it slows down the night

and the halos of fog 'round the railroad lights shine
and I'm gradually falling into absence of mind
and as the dismissal is imminent i fade to soft blind
as my sleeper slides smoothly through desolate space time.

I've seen the world outside my wide window
passing by me like a panorama dead in the night
novemeber weather and the atmosphere of back alley towns, dead vegetation and distant colored lights.
I'll soon be engulfed by the haze i know so well
her face in my mind, peaceful and fine.

It's now four forty six and the slow is in my head and I
see the telephone poles and warehouses when I drive
My compartment into desolation through the sky
now it goes faster as the world of night passes by
and the darkness becomes more familiar as my eyes readjust. And she speaks softly and tells me that I'm
with her always I drift back because I know it's fine.
Peaceful and fine.

The wheels beneath my body
play rhythms in their sleep
further into nothing.
Red eyes motif.
Track Name: bleakfalls
when the mist falls upon white covered ground
mud cover land making dripping sounds
frozen like the fantasy world i live in
crackers, frozen hands, bananas make the mornin'
I'm used to seeing three o clock instead of ten A.M.
when I'm fully awake, the day is winding down again
roam the local parts with a camera in my frozen hands
attempting to capture scenes and feelings from this frozen land.
The fog provides the Novemberesque weather I want to see
And slightly snow blanketed ground makes it more interesting to me
I knew I'd long for it so i tried to as much back then
and i know i succeeded but i still need it again.
Track Name: Hotel, etc.
dry like the airway
cold like the outside
soft like the stairway
down my mouth open wide
soft voices stop in a
smoke freshened room
on a runway to dismissal
muffled outside in a light balloon

once again i find myself drifting through the terminals.
the drone of my sleeper and the reading light
the thin windows are the eyes
through which i view quarter to four A.M.
the semis dock outside my compartment
the soft reality
my lights go out
but the lights outside stay
Track Name: One Spatial Morning
we descend into droplets
frozen in the air
atmospheric pressure keeps them floating there
I'm elevated cleanly
the ceiling clears my head
the aisleways illuminated
shadows floating away
and prisms of light.
I'm almost dead in the morning
in the cloud of eye sand
but one of the many times
i can ascend, i can ascend above the
exhaust of water
in the hallways clean and dry
and zooming slight modern into my eyes.
Track Name: #howevermany
I really don't want to bother writing the lyrics down for this right now. Maybe later.
Track Name: the nothing road
Softly speaking in ancestral voices
trailer parks and chimney smoke in plumes
unknown country circuites make our choices
through the shady cold of summer's tomb.

The sky is a haze of places I have been
of roads I've travelled down
I'll never go again.
Track Name: Chlorine Hallways
it starts with you scribbling on the canvas
bag you carry round to organize your materials
there's nothing like the smell of that four years later

in which you reach back your arms length in time
to smell the hallways, you change your mind
about yesterday - it couldn't have been that bad

the chemtrails streak the sky overhanging the pool
you fail to notice the beauty around you 'cuz you're always hanging
your head among your own obsession with your own life

and when people have times unlike you you ask why
it turns to anger as you go home from the stale bus ride
and sit on the couch with your thoughts, and hope the summer is good

the next year and the next are great but you can't shake the feeling
looking back on your time and remembering as you're sealing the
cap on that section - putting the top on that section of mem'ry

it started with you scribbling on the canvas
bag you carry round to organize your materials
there's nothing like the smell of thet four years later