by Hazy

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This is an album that encompasses summer and late spring, which includes my trip to Europe. In here you will here me doing vocals, guitar, piano, bass guitar, a Roland MC-505 Groovebox, Korg MicroSampler, a Yamaha DGX-305, drum set, and Cajon.


released August 2, 2012





Hazy Indiana

I've lived for a relatively short amount of time...during that time I've experimented with lots of music, I've written a lot and gone on various websites under a variety of names. Now I am Hazy, and I've been Hazy longer than I've been anything else as far as music goes.

My songs mostly reflect weather, atmospheres, or personal nostalgia. Some make no sense at all (especially my earlier ones)
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Track Name: Summer Compass
I signed a pact agreement
attacked in cement
that i'd get more sleep and not wake up to
blackened ice over the
ground in my bedroom
the floorboards a crooked house
shadows of more forces
than I have on my side holding my
fifteen seemingly uncoordinated feet
because I think i'll return with more
confidence from my retreat
I recently took
thinking my future memories could fill a thousand page book
maybe of rhyming verses, and now if I can look back
I took snapshots with cameras and eyes
photography can go far with songwriting ties
when played back to an imageboard of their guts
tied together in need knots that need not no support struts
no more, but only to tie together in a rosebud
which curls upon itself and blends the sounds all close-up
intentions are the same with meta-cognating though
So i'll just do both within the same constructed rose
To send a conciousness adrift, all you need is no thing
but once started upon a highway you must wait until spring
blooms new flowers on the shoulder where cars are ghetto rigged
beneath the sunlight, in logs which still look so big
inside a nourishing forest, but on the gravel on the side
of a closed-down boarded-up coffee shop which both fries
burning the metal in a rubber-warm car where I sacrafice
my health to the road country, vacationland is nice
but I seem to have a different idea of
what I would call the straight lines leading to my destination
in rural ohio or northern I N on top of rocks
excavated just to flatten the pen

in rural ohio or northern I N on top of rocks
excavated just to flatten the pen
now on 465 northern circle industrial park
concrete prairie near the end
Track Name: Outside & Universes
My body is in some sort of city
halfway 'round the globe
your eyes match mine
we keep our psyches coiled from a distance

i can't plan sparseness
i can't forsee what a gaze back upon
but i can prepare for
a reaction when it's gone

now i pace
the ruined rug
with grooves from the last times
like a map of the stars above
dipping and weaving
objects relate to size
i'm in the perfect time
at some point in my eyes

i can't plan sparseness
i can't forsee what a gaze back upon
but i can prepare for
a reaction when it's gone
i can't plan triggers
but i can set them down
looping back in themselves
like rings carved on the lawn
Track Name: Tides
Sea spray falls from distant towns and
waves are crashing 'pon the ground
breaking up on gravity
like layers in an arboretum
under foam of ocean brine
that crushes glass with pressured lines
connecting grey skies to the sea
and raining atoms onto me

when I was in the infantry
I failed to look up and to see
Was metal-bent 'til I got pryed
my frozen eyelids open wide
the waves a-crashin on the shore
had ceased to crash and ceased to roar
but rather fell about my head
and fertilized the things I said

meritime atmosphere inland for me to hear
(when i'm underneath the ocean or beneath a great lake
it rains upon my face like droplets in a race
the blue sky on the ground is carried all around
a force in particle masses with ambients sounds)
Track Name: Centrifuge
the instantaneous progression ain't enough
people training stuff to think with balls and toys of painful raining stuff
the horizontal represents the quantum leap
into templates cheaply
thrown together, i know i could do it better
given tools i already know how to use
of course so does everyone else
so what have they got to lose?
since two thousands millions and billions of duplicates are
sharing the same pic, gettin' ten thousand different hits
and you'll noticed those pics are still around to this day,
that's 'cause they're at the bottom of the curve and will stay that way
the curve plots the variance of feedback that resemble the shape
and within seconds in twenty years maybe nothing will stay
how i remember the day when, say, ten years ago
the people looked at stuff as slow as centuries past

my friend is either wise beyond his years
or keeps the lies behind his ears
like pencils tucked in past ways in the past which really fast, stays
stagnant in speed, when relative you can't tell
a bicycle from a sports car or heaven from hell
with distortion noises in a darklit room
i picture people who have nothing left to lose much farther below
and in some other state, both kinds
but on the other hand i can't decide on the state of his mind

So be OP with no noise to set you free when
the red mailbox talks spilling intestines and sticky semen
stories on your confused one-liner which you thought would be safe
but you have all the freaks and all the leaks at your hands somewhere someplace

I'd like to think it was smaller and more localized to my
second grade eyes which viewing things had no limit in size
i learn and turn back to the times, writing a song where time flies
I need to not move my arms when I speak so much
and others need to stop filling up walls with meaningless stuff such as
actual opinions 'bout people IRL as they say
and these supposed piles of steam are on the walls just for the stay
no piles of smoking wreckadge caricatures portrayed
but as they were IRL as the kids on the ship say
as if it sunk vertically painting a perspective IRL
just a thrown together carnival ride that lets you get obsessed with yourself
i've seen six thousand nineteen nights and I don't think now any are passed
without some two strings held in front of the eyes launching their attacks
between mountains this triumph with every single sent sentance is lost

but still in second grade
these have meaning still
in the early ages
for me, but evolving with the nights I see
so me and mine are the first to really have this kind
the golden days can be traced with a line of code

and what kind of stuff that is meaningless today to me
in another kids second grade mind is going to stay
and maybe they'll rip off a cLOUDDEAD song, too
and feel original writing 'bout cycles like i do
it manifests itself in things as big as populations
but small enough in the rule-of-thumb confines that I can need some other sensation
unavailable on these wavelengths or pavements so i say thanks but i wont lay
nameless on any more boards trying to make sense
Track Name: Duality (part 1)
Icarus flies
placing sticks upon thinner gradients
a vhs formed wave pattern falling thickly through a swamp
and grasshoppers pause their rituals
(It's like a million tiny little spider eggs
fallin' on the ground
makin' pitter-patter sounds
i gotta write this down
black sky glows, and geometric lights)

extending no direction through skies white
clouds will bend a thousand miles' height
and alto cumulous will plot answers against high light
(warm color scheme
horizontal patterns like liquids floating through dark air
blending into a single vein
burning in the night)

if you were to notice the bending
of waves across the window panes
it'd be the same to you if you
had only a computing brain
for mashing up in molecules
some duality neccesary to
explain the universe
like a salvador dali masterpiece
hanging in the art institute
somehow sexual somehow nonsensical
i won't claim to see everything
but i know what i know

if only i could detect
messier everyday that's what i say
image m83, maybe i'd see what
became midnight city
i'll trace the textures with eyes so bad
but i'll see the distance 20 20 never had
don't matter to me
no it don't matter to me

i dont claim to know everything
I don't claim to see everything
but I know what I know.
I wear my hair like a composer when it's hot outside

I'll stand
in one end of the mirror
while one reflection boils down to raw
and towering
a megolopolis extending all directions
Six years prior
it doesn't change

the concrete absorbing invisible light
gathers resulting water splashed down on the ground
and then acts as a mirror as water will do
being heated and providing more than an adequate view
of the the city contained in the puddle
which blends into brown background making a subtle
connection which draws in the ground, pool, and air
in an open system everywhere
Track Name: Duality (part 2)
blazing arrows scream across the sky
like pins and needles with radial balance
as if like a virus in a powder game
consuming the iris exponentially
my city glows like the apple of an eye
my city grows in the sector of the sky
my city's one when viewed from miles away
my city's just a bunch of smaller particles

if you looked through the fish-eye lense
of a pine needle stalagtite formation from
a recent storm you would
see a photogenic world like what you see in wide angle
shots naturally resting there in countless pieces of glass
passively massive in numbers not together but
creeping particle by particle into the arms of heaven waiting
only to drop them down again as rain
where they trickle down their pine needle window panes once again
resting but hanging tightly on a spike leaf as you run on the
concrete sidwalks making observations from the bus stop
to your home an eighth of a mile away and I am a spirit
or something that likes the rain
but if you were to sit down with a pen and be a mirror you would then
be just like it and reflect the scene back to where it began

clustered leaves point all askew but somehow in a certain direction
my city's particles are on the ground
and when it dies the recycle themselves and build flying castles

fisheyes on the pines

Icarus flies
placing sticks upon thinner gradients
a vhs formed wave pattern falling thickly through a swamp
and grasshoppers pause their rituals
(It's like a million tiny little spider eggs
fallin' on the ground
makin' pitter-patter sounds
i gotta write this down
black sky glows, and geometric lights)