Chev Roulette

by Hazy

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Created in about a day (maybe two) after finally getting some recording software that was moderately competent. The style is a sort of lazy sounding, sluggish acoustic low quality experimental one. In this album you will here the guitar, dulcimer, various percussive noises, an old broken mandolin that can't hold a tune, and me singing and yelling.


released February 19, 2011




Hazy Indiana

I've lived for a relatively short amount of time...during that time I've experimented with lots of music, I've written a lot and gone on various websites under a variety of names. Now I am Hazy, and I've been Hazy longer than I've been anything else as far as music goes.

My songs mostly reflect weather, atmospheres, or personal nostalgia. Some make no sense at all (especially my earlier ones)
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Track Name: A Mazurka of Sorts
Mister man you're not what you thought
and in my house your garbage rots
fumes fill instruments of noise
and machinery destroys
my humble pipes and sounds
that i keep throwing around

keep me here, i'll be just fine
put me in the brig, make me say my lines
i've memorized the passageways to the door
and i can't see your eyes no more
Track Name: Death's Wardrobe
I once saw all the time
i made sculptures in my mind
the types of scythes in deaths wardrobe
had never rusted or turned old

I have never in my life been so dismayed
All my workers went home after being paid
Now my coal won't burn and you just won't decay
And my eyes click more than usual today.
Track Name: Wings
You know you're not your own
Wings fly when blades are shown
make it, take it, be your own
you know you've been known.
Track Name: Jet lag
Got two guitars
a jet lag flow
i would make you light up
if you wanted to go

in my throat
the sea is ground
and a block takes it up
while you make your sound

singin my hat
on the top of a cliff
i wanna make you
play my riff

take it son
take it down to the bank
and scrub it up good
so it makes a good clank
Track Name: Berlenin
Watchin these halls every day
makin listerine but that's okay. (alright)
I wash my face in the sea of dimes
So many episodes all the time. (round the clock)

Make me mine i'll make you things.
I'll tell you what the airplane brings. (takes)
Lets read books off the top of my head
the sun comes down and burns me read. (blue)

Drillbits and pancakes fall
They fall all over the basket balls
change things like you don't know
how to make the rain man snow.

Washin' machines tonail rings
fakin all of my plastic things. (stuff)
I wanna go to the bloomington spool
I gotta get a ride from the man in the pool (sea)

Chlorine is hot! Hot as nails in cake!
Who wants a bigger piece of cake? (pastry)
I want a luscious frat-boy pound
put it in the mail and send it round. (circulate it)

Drillbits and pancakes fall
They fall all over the basket balls
change things like you don't know
how to make the rain man snow.
Track Name: Snaps!
There's a table of contents in every book
We searched every cranny; and nook
Every place that we could look
'cuz we know there's a table of contents in every book.
Track Name: Superhighway Hotel Lobby 11:48 PM of December 2010: Gas City, Indiana (Absence of mind)
In this town of gently humming cars
flickering signs, guide me. I've travelled far.

the sea of concrete smashes on the shores of green
and makes the loveliness buzz like a machine